About Thrace Music Company

Chris Thrace

Cristian Tarcea (also known as Chris Thrace) , artist ,composer and producer, has been studying music ,piano precisely, since he was 3 years old.

Even at the age of 5 he started a music career acquiring with small steps the knowledge earned along the time in music (theory,instrument).

He possesses various prizes at music competitions and extracurricular acitivities.

At present he is studying percussion ,piano ,music theory and all that has to deal with music ,those things making of him a good player at both instruments.

Music production

Having already composed many scores,he decided to begin a career in music production.This started in 2000,when his father bought him his first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).Obviously, at that time the possibility of producing music at a professional level was quite low,but with hard work,he managed to advance and still has to learn a lot.

In time he came to know various artists and he made well-founded relations with them learning from each of them something essential,useful in the life of producer and future artist.

- In 2012 he founded Thrace Music Company -


Bianca Nita or "Brianna" is one of the Thrace Music’s artists. She was discovered by Cristian Tarcea at the age of 14 at a music contest where she participated and also came out as the winner of the contest.

Her voice and talent , convinced Cristian , therefore she becomes a "Thrace Music" artist in the beginning of 2014.

Brianna's career started with her first single "All I Need" which was a big hit in Turkey , staying on 1st place on all the radio stations and Shazam , for more than 4 months.

She's one of the songwriters from Thrace Music , writing song along with Cristian and also working at her own lyrics and melodies.

She won a lot of vocal contests in the past and now she’s focusing on her career !

Kate Linn

Kate Linn or Catalina Ioana by her real name is a young talented girl, also student at Music Collegium from the seaside part of Romania , more specifically Constanta.

Having a lot of activity in the music domain, Kate has chosen to start a singing career being encouraged by Cristian Tarcea.

Even if they know each other for a long time, Cristian Tarcea decided that this was the right time to produce Catalina's first single.

At only 16 years old, Kate Linn had her first single "Ring my bell" released, made by Cristian.

Despite her age, Kate's voice can tell that she's well prepared for a music career so why not to start this with Ring my bell ?

Ring my bell was the first song reaching 1st place on all the radio stations in Turkey back in 2012.

The year of 2014 was announced to be a smash , releasing “Zaynah” hit with Chris Thrace. For more than 5 months , “Zaynah” reached 1st place on all radio stations and TV stations from Turkey and also Bulgaria.

Now she’s focusing on new cool songs that will get to the people’s ears and hearts !

Starla Edney

Starla Edney, a talented international singer and songwriter from the island of Guam, is our newest addition to Thrace Music.

Starla is a passionate and vivacious artist--Something you instantly recognize when you hear her songs.

Starting her career in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she broke into the European music industry by capturing people's hearts with her singles, "La Reina", "Party" and "Never Let You Go."

Starla and Cristian got in touch after she was contacted by Unistyle Entertainment. Since then, they have recorded her newest single and music video.

Get ready to be enchanted by Starla's sultry new music video with Thrace Music!

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