Beroz Papito – Te Amo


Written by: Beroz Papito & Dennis Raadschelers (Sqrtl Squad)
Produced by Dennis Raadschelers (Sqrtl Squad)
Additional arrangement by Christian Tarcea (Monoir)
Mix & Mastered by Christian Tarcea (Monoir)

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Behind The Story

She’s so cold inside
Love the way that you wine mama
Cuz she looks so fine
She gonna make me lose my mind na nah

Yeki yedoney man mama
She don’t wanna waste tonight
So put it down on me mama

Cuz she’s always on my mind
I can’t wait to make her mine
My baby knows that she got it uhm
Baby know that I got it

Ey yo mama te amo
Ey ey
Ey yo mama te amo
Uhm uhm
Ay ay ay ay ay yay
Ey yo mama Mia
Ey yo mama te amo yeah

We about to take over
She like’n the rover
Oh yeah imma hold ya
My baby come closer
Uhm mhm
I know that she loves me
So she spend the night
Oh baby get on me
Cause I know what you like a a aay

Case she’s always on my mind
I fell in love know
They way you move it girl
I can’t wait to make her main
My baby knows that she got it uhm

Ey yo mama te amo x3

Yeki yedoneye man to
Ey yo mama te amo

Extract the pure energy coming from a Persian blooded artist, mix it with the infamous Thrace Music signature soundand you got yourself Te Amo. Beroz Papito, born in Iran and raised in Norway, marks his debut at Romania’s ThraceMusic with this club banger, destined to build sweet & loving tension on any dancefloor.Beroz Papito has already tasted from the cup of success. Two visually strong videos built enough hype to attract theattention of important record labels and youtube channels. His fresh collaboration with Thrace set Beroz into exploring new sounds, closer to the dancefloor experience