Cristian Tarcea (Monoir), a Romanian who writes history for two years in the Bulgarian charts, comes to the Clubul de Seară.

A Romanian is the champion of broadcasting in Bulgaria and at the beginning of 2020, after in 2018 he managed to write a true record in the music of the neighboring country. Cristian Tarcea, known as Monoir, brought five pieces produced by him in the top ten of the most broadcast on the Bulgarian radio stations. Moreover, the song “Together”, launched by 4 Magic and produced by Monoir, was then 26 weeks in the first place in the specialty charts, setting a record in the neighboring country.

The year 2020 started with another piece produced by him in the first place in the charts in Bulgaria – 4Magic – Vselena. This week it has dropped to 2nd place in the broadcast standings, but it is expected to return to the top position, being a hit in Bulgaria.

Not only Bulgaria has embraced the talented Romanian producer, his pieces reaching tops in Romania, but also in many other European countries. “Lost in Istanbul” became like a hymn in Turkey, the audience excited about the song.

Monoir was awarded with two Golden Records for the production of the pieces “All I Need” (Brianna) and “Zaynah” (Kate Linn & Chris Thrace).

The latest single released by Monoir feat. Ameline is “Midnight in Norway“.