Embody & Brianna

Love of You

Written by Cristian Tarcea
Produced by Embody, Cristian Tarcea, Cenk Çelebioğlu, Alper Gemici
Vocals Brianna
Mixed By Embody & Cristian Tarcea
Mastered By Cristian Tarcea

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Behind The Scene

Embody is a Lithuanian born, London based producer. His distinctive sound is Tropical house. He remixes, produces his own solo material featuring guest vocalists and creates bespoke music for ads and other commercial concerns.

Bianca Nita or Brianna is a Romanian singer and songwriter. At the age of 14 she signed with Thrace Music and released her first single – a huge success in Turkey, proved by a gold certified record of the track. The singer and songwriter has been involved in several hits such as and ‘s which reached over 5 million streams on Spotify and over 60 million views on Youtube.


There’s no one else,
Passing by on my street,
I’m alone, I’ve been thinking all night long

And all these places,
I pass by,
The remind me of you,
Can’t replace the love of you,

You’ve been so cold, been so wrong
But you want the right things
I’m not sure, I’m not done with the things u said to me

I’m here, you’re not,
Feeling so empty inside
But you’re still on my mind

You come, you leave, i stay, i keep
All the things you said to me,
I can’t replace the love of you.