Esotique – Pressure (by Monoir)


Written by Cristian Tarcea
Produced by Roberto Done (ESOTIQUE), Cristian Tarcea
Lyric Video by Solven Art by Loredvn

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Behind The Story

Rays of Thrace energy bursts pop on each and every beat with Esotique’s latest dancefloor adventure. Pressure goes up with every drum kick, then drops down following the romantic chords, just like a roller coaster of summer love memories. An old member of the Thrace Music family, Esotique brings his special sound flavour once again on the same success path already built with super hits like Sandra N’s Henna or Sabrina Sapal’s Maharaja.


No more questions,
It’s just you and I,
There’s no time for loosing, why you ra ta ta

when I kiss you,
You go nanana,
I just wanna have you,
You know.. you know Nana na,

Pressure going up now ra ta ta
Right ra ta ta Right ra ta ta ta
Nobody knows why we ra ta ta
We ra ta ta We ra ta ta ta

When you miss me
I’m over your phone
And when you’re coming over
I wouldn’t let you go

The Night is coming
Waiting on the line,
But this busy schedule
Makes you blind and