Esotique x Sandra N.

HENNA (by Monoir)

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Behind The Scene

After 2 smash hits that gathered over 15 million plays on Youtube alone (Bangladesh and Chameleon) the amazing collaboration between Sandra N and Thrace Music opens a new chapter: Henna.

Sandra’s new song, yet another amazing collaboration with Esotique, is a trip to the authentic India, with a modern twist on the Punjabi sound. Henna is what you expect from yet another Thrace Music hit: summer dance floor vibes from Miami to New Delhi, as the song says.



I came to India
To find a love divine
Travel around the world
To feel that passion

So beautiful and fine
Music and love combined
Perfume and colors
An unique sensation

Henna henna henna
Just paint me with your henna
Henna henna henna
Just paint me with your henna
From Miami to New Delhi
Imma make you move that belly

I feel it on my skin
What is supposed to mean
The shapes and colors
On my hands

It s kind of magical
You don’t touch me at all
But your emotions lie in your eyes

I felt the secret touch
Coming from India
And is beyond imagination
You are my sacred place
I keep you in my heart
And I won’t let you go now or never

Lips Lips
Lips Lips