Görkem Sala & Solven feat. 3RIN – Now or Never

Now Or Never

Written by Erin Danet, Catalina Ioana Oteleanu
Produced by Görkem Sala, Solven, 3RIN, Cristian Tarcea
Art by Loredvn
Video edit by Pelin Akça, Süleyman Mert Göktaş


Behind The Story

I try to fight
Not feeling alright
many emotions
Building inside
I want you back
Need you so much
Missing the times
the sun was out

Tell me you need me right now
it’s now or never
you know i can’t be alone

I wanna know how you feel
now or never
You know the love we share
can’t just let go

Screaming so loud
The thoughts in my mind
You feel so close but
You’re not around
Can we go back
to how we were
You left me thinking
About you

Oh my,my,my,my
I can paint you with my eyes
Oh my,my,my,my
I know now
you’re perfection in my eyes

Tell me, tell me now baby
Will you love me forever?
Through thick and thin together
Can we survive bad weather
Can you tell i’ve been feeling so
Confused about us baby
Can’t understand you lately
Please hold on, don’t let go

After One More Night and Diamonds, Solven is back with another song for Thrace Music. Solven’s new song “Now or Never” is here after his hit release Summer Wave with over 2 million streams. With him is Gorkem, a Turkish producer who also has released Stop The Time on Thrace Music. On vocals is 3RIN, a valuable singer and producer since he always works on production for Thrace Artists. The song is mixed and mastered by Monoir the producer behind the big hit Sugar And Brownies by Dharia with over 300 Million Views on YouTube making “Now Or Never” a high quality upcoming song.

Görkem Sala