Kate Linn – Chiki Chiki [By Monoir]


Music by Cristian Tarcea
Lyrics by Catalina Ioana Oteleanu, Cristian Tarcea, Siv-Marit Egseth
Produced by Cristian Tarcea
Arranged by Cristian Tarcea, Loredan Aniculaesei, Seven
Additional vocal production: Siv-Marit Egseth

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Fill my glass up darling
Take away my loneliness
With you i’ll go all in
Through the smoke of cigarettes

For you
So deeply
I’m off
You see
Come meet me
I’ll let
You in
You need me

You need me
Like i need you
Cheeky x3
You need me
Cuz you feel so
Cheeky x3
You need me
You make me cheeky x3

Everyday feels endless
But so short when i’m with you
We are young and restless
Paint my skin like a tattoo
We’re drunk in love don’t wanna wake up
Another sip and then we take off
i walk away you pull me right back
Easy with you, don’t need to fight that