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The famous producer from Constanța, Monoir, on his name Cristian Tarcea joined forces with YNGA and released the song SIENNA. The song comes as a tribute to the meeting of two different worlds and has a slightly new vibe, with traces of Norwegian folk songs. YNGA’s soft voice tells the story of a longing for someone halfway around the world, yet too close.

On the phone at Viva Flash, Monoir said that SIENNA is “an imaginary girl. I made the song with YNGA when I was at her house in Norway. The clip is actually filmed there, and the song reflects how I felt when I was there and wrote songs. Sienna is an experience. ”

The song is produced by Monoir, but YNGA worked more on the lyrics: “YNGA wrote more on the lyrics, but they are related to the things I loved, but they have disappeared. It’s about the little things that we hit and that influence us, but that we don’t realize. “

The video was filmed in Norway and edited and edited by YNGA. Monoir admitted that, being a perfectionist, he did not want to release the song yet, not without coming up with a few tweaks. However, after seeing YNGA‘s video edits, he changed his mind. “I was determined not to release the song again. There are times when I get bored of a play. But I made it faster, I gave her the videos I made in Norway to put together an official video of the song, and when I saw what came out it seemed to like the song more. When you spend too much time in the studio, you tend to hear even the smallest imperfections, to get bored of a song and not get caught. ”

Monoir said he has many more songs he wants to release in 2021, both for him and for THRACE MUSIC artists. Even though 2020 was a year full of party vibe songs, Monoir still has surprises that it is preparing to release both at the end of this year and in January 2021. “I think this year made me grateful that I can do what I like and I can do it from home. This year taught us to appreciate time with family and time with us “, Monoir also specified.