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Monoir – the producer who managed to conquer the international public with his materials returned this fall with a new song, a collaboration with Eneli .

It’s called ‘ 3 to 1 ‘, and Monoir spoke to Virgin Radio about how this project was born.

When we caught him, we couldn’t help but ask him a few questions about the music he listened to at home or in the car. As a producer, we asked him to give us some behind-the-scenes details that he had. remarked on these pieces.
So, let’s find out what his favorite songs are this fall and what songs shouldn’t be missing from our playlist:

1. Don Toliver – No Idea
I think it’s one of my favorite songs. The production was the first that caught my attention, being slightly atypical. I think that made me fall in love with her. Pads and harmonies make you listen to it over and over again. Not to mention Don’s voice and the writing that is TOP.

2. Big Sean feat. Travis Scott – Lithuania
Another song where I was surprised by the combination of beats. The first part of the piece in one style, the second part in another style. I think I was very attracted to this song and the sounds used. I’m a fan of analog synthesizers, and as usual Travis’s producer is best at adding passages with sounds like this.

3. James Blake feat. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin – Miles High
This part does not need a description. It’s simply: perfect to listen to on the road when you really want to relax and disconnect from everything you can. The sounds flow perfectly, and James’ voice is like the icing on the cake.

4. BENEE – Supalonely
I don’t expect to say that I can fall in love with a Pop song, but look, I did it with Supalonely. I noticed that many artists have recently moved towards the synth pop style, and Supalonely is a representative piece in this regard.
If you have a day when you wake up a little stressed, give a play to this song and surely your day will be more beautiful. As simple as it is effective. MOODBOOSTER.

5. DJ Khaled ft. Drake – POPSTAR
OZ or Ozan Yıldırım is a Turkish producer, working closely with Khaled and Drake. I became a fan of OZ from Sicko Mode and later I realized that he also produced some songs that I liked (including “Greece” or “Tootsie Slide”).
It is one of the few manufacturers that favors the volume of Hi-Hats to the detriment of other elements. This makes you realize that he is the producer behind the song from the first seconds. Simple and catchy!
A good example is Popstar, a simple but powerful song at the same time. The beat hits you hard when you play, and the line on Drake’s chorus makes you feel even better the balance of the song with the instrumental. A combination that could not work.