Written by Siv Marit Egseth
Produced by Fabian Sersescu (Navour) & Cristian Tarcea
Mixed & Mastered by Cristian Tarcea
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Behind The Scene

After conquering the radio frequencies with several hits in her home country, Norway, Ynga decided to step away from her comfort zone and explore new musical horizons. As part of the Thrace Music family, she released a couple of songs that has quickly drawn the Internet’s attention. Ynga teamed up with Navour, a young prodigy in producing fine music, to launch “Criminal”. Her voice is waving graciously on the soft, romantic echoes of slow burning dance grooves, exactly what one should expect from an early September soundtrack. “Criminal” is a catchy and energetic, yet sore pop song that tells a tale of a love story gone wrong. Sometimes, you just know that a relationship is bound to fail, but you just want that last taste of what once used to be sweet. You close your eyes to the bitter mishaps and let yourself surrender to the temptations, even if it’s just for that one last time.


Lie to me like you used to
Lead me on like I’m lost and
Say the things that you think I
Would like to hear

Let me try to convince you
Like it won’t be in vain and
Stay with me like you’re mine I
Don’t mind

That you’re a crimi, crimi, crimi, criminal
Come and steal my heart,
Break into my mind
Cause I locked you out

Crimi, crimi, crimi, criminal
Come and mend the parts that you broke on me
Even for one night

Yeah I knew, yeah I knew it was too perfect
Every hour, every hour that we wasted
Every line that we crossed, still I can’t shake you off

Lips Lips