Written by Cristian Tarcea & Bianca Nita
Produced by Parah Dice, Cristian Tarcea
Mixed & Mastered by Cristian Tarcea

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Behind The Scene

Do you remember the catchy vibes of “Lost in Istanbul”? We’re sure you do! Brianna is back with her new single “Breathe”, collaborating with Parah Dice, one of the most mysterious Turkish musicians, to create a very distinctive piece together. Brianna is known for her voice that blends perfectly with a track that has Balkanic flavours. With ‘Breathe’ you get that, but even better! Breathe” will bring you so many emotions all at once, with its deep base and oriental sweetness, signed by Thrace’s unmistakable sound.

Deep and fun notes combined with her soft voice creates an unique and addicting new release! You’ll be mad if you don’t press play! And if you do, you won’t want to stop, trust us!

Parah Dice is not a name to shy away from in this industry. The Turkish musician and producer has been around the scene for around a decade, particularly fixed behind the scenes working as a ghost producer. Last summer, Parah Dice had his first official single ready for listeners around the world to indulge in. Titled ‘Hot’, released via musicTap, the following months saw extraordinary success. From December that year to March the next, ‘Hot’ remained at number 1 on the Italy Dance Charts. In addition, it was on heavy rotation in Russia and Cis where more than 350 stations were playing the tune. Poland’s Top 50 charts placed ‘Hot’ at position 15, also making it to the Shazam Discovery Top 50 in the same country. Dice followed up his hit with a string of tunes, earning relative success.


I like it when you tell me
Baby, you’ll be,
On me,

Your touch is,
Now controlin’,
All the feelings,


The shivers,
When you whisper,

I love it,
My head spinnin
Heart is,
Oh my God I need to breathe


You got me hooked,
(But i’m not..)
You got me hooked
(Yes you are)
You got me..
(I guess you did)
You got me..


Lips Lips
Lips Lips