How did you start with music? What were the key elements which led you to take the direction into the music business?
Everything started when I was a little kid. My parents bought me a Casio Synthesizer when I was 3 or something. Nobody expected It but I started to play at it in time by myself and I was able to replay melodies I was hearing. That’s when everyone realized that I’m having some kind of musical abilities. Then I’ve been to music higschool where I learned a lot of things and at 14 years old I started Producing music.  College and University of music were next  but in the meanwhile I was working with a lot of people and got screwed with some works where I didn’t get any publishing.That was the moment when I directly entered the music business when my dad opened for me “Thrace Music”. It was the moment when I would start working with my people, my team, my artists and I make sure that everyone is happy. And that’s how It all started with Thrace Music, when I was 18.

Today’s music business is often criticized for being too “mainstream” and for sounding the same in different songs. What is your personal opinion in today’s music business when you compare it with the business back as example 10 years ago?
I think that every generation of music had It’s own “Mainstream” even the 70’s.. 80’s.. 90’s. Look at Ace of Base, that was mainstream. Denniz Pop and Max Martin were mainstream. They were producing all the hits back then and I think that’s why mostly sounded very similar but.. I think it’s nothing wrong as LONG as every song has a different vibe and an original background of music. Yes.. sounds could sound-alike.. we’re all fans of different tracks and we wanna have that vibe too but I think it’s important to keep your own identity through different things. In my case it’s all about melodies and hooks, instruments I use. I always try to blend all of these in a such way that it’s unique, or at least I try.

You have many great artists on your label aswel, How do you organize everything to get everybody the right song? In which way do these collaborations affect your artistic work and in which way did they influence your career? As Chris (Monoir) ?
Well.. I usually try to organize it by feelings. I really choose the tracks together with the artists and we’re working as a team, all of us. I really want to have everyone around me feeling engaged, feeling important, because they are. All these collaborations and work influence my career in the best way. I think with every song that I work on for any of my artists, I feel that I’m growing up and getting better. One thing that’s true and I sometimes miss.. yes, I miss involving more time into me, into Monoir. I barely release 2 tracks an year on Monoir.. That’s not because that I wouldn’t love to, it’s because I really love seeing all the other people around me happy and I usually end up working for them, for my artists.

As Thrace Music you are creating new songs non stop, Where do you get the inspiration from? Whats the story of this amazing productions?
First of all. Thank you !:-) The story.. the inspiration? I guess all the action, all the people. I’m really surrounded by amazing people, people that inspire me, people that I love to work with, good friends. All these things bring the best in me, and I do my best to bring the best in all of them. So.. Everything you hear is.. Vibes, friends and life!

What is next for Chris? What can we expect in 2021 from you?
I’ve promised myself that this year I’m gonna give myself more attention under the Monoir project. I’m gonna do my best and respect this decision and come with some fresh things. I’m already working on 3 tracks. Fingers crossed and we shall see them released alongside 2021 J I’m gonna try with videos as well! So.. I guess I’ll keep you updated!