dharia popnkultur

You are a very talented artist and you continue to improve yourself day by day. What influenced you the most to take the direction to the music scene?
My mother was the first to influence me to take up a music career and also the first person to support me. I was 2 years old when I first stared singing and she realised that there is something special in my voice. When I was 6 she took me to singing lessons. Fun fact: before my sister and I were born, our mother watched many talent shows and she really wanted us to be singers. So she chose our names meticulously to be perfect for this.

Let’s talk about your new song ‘Tara Rita’ what’s the song about? Does this song have any stories?
Tara Rita is a happy and a sad song at the same time. It has a joyful instrumental and melodic line, but it also has sorrowful lyrics. I really believe it depends to the listeners mood. You know what they say – when you are happy you listen to the melody and when you are sad you pay more attention to the lyrics.

Your voice and sound is characterized as being beautiful, athmospheric and emotional. How do you reach these three destinys and how do you combine them?
My voice comes natural to me and I’ve honestly never thought about the ‘how’ in this process. I am so glad I can use it to express what’s inside my soul and I am also extremely happy that it brings people joy.

The song Sugar & Brownies had got 180 million plays Youtube 18 million streams on Spotify and a global success. What was the story of this song? Why do you think that this song got an overload success?
Sugar & Brownies was born 2 years ago. Monoir sent me the instrumental and it inspired me to compose the melodic line. My sister, Iarina, wrote the lyrics. All our passion for music was put into this song and I’m so happy that many people resonate with it.

What can people expect from your big tour around the world? What have you planned for your fans?
I would really like to meet everyone who’s supporting me in person. I’d love to feel their warmth not only in social media comments, but also in a crowd while we sing together. This, for me, is the real deal for an artist. I don’t have any details yet, but I will do my best to make it fun and memorable.