Sandra N – Caravana


Written by Sandra N., Cristian Tarcea
Produced by Cristian Tarcea, Erin Danet, Loredan Aniculaesei

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Behind The Story

Sandra N. is no stranger to lush musical journeys going as far as the magical Oriental planes. With violins as the main narrator and Sandra’s dreamy voice as the guide, Caravana takes the listener down the centuries old path through the dessert dunes, where both old and new rhythms combine into yet another Thrace Music anthem.

Romania’s Sandra N. is used with the international music charts. With a prodigious musical career started more than 10 years ago with Adrian Sina from Akcent, Alexandra quickly conquered her fans’ hearts with her unique pop-dance sound. She counted more then 350 million plays with her songs, entering the heavy rotation playlists from radios all around the world, from Romania, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Russia to India and Turkey. In 2019 she was signed by Thrace Music, and this collaboration brought 2 smashing hits: Bangladesh and Chameleon.


Can you feel it in my mind
There’s a magic a magical night
In my memory back in time
I can travel when I close my eyes

Can you feel it caravana
Is a magical place in Sahara
We are both in caravana
And we’re watching the stars from savanna

Take me in carava, caravana
Take me in carava, caravana
Take me in carava, caravana
Take me in carava, caravana

In the magic of the night
Yes we follow a star it was bright
In the desert road is sharp
But we follow we follow our heart

Kate Linn
Kate Linn