Sandra N – Lion Heart


Written by Sandra N
Composed by Sandra N, Cristian Tarcea
Arranged by Cristian Tarcea, Loredan Aniculaesei
Produced by Cristian Tarcea
Video directed by Pistol Cristian, Cristian Tarcea, Isabela Dan
Art by Loredvn

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My dear one, I wanna walk barefoot In a stormy forest
To feel the vibe
The forest vibe
And at night I wanna lay down on a bed of moss starting to count the stars
Count the stars

Then you whisper me so softly
Poems of love
Put your hands around my body
Never let go

La la la lion heart
Spirit of the lion I have
Like I lion I will fight
We will never be apart

Sleep on tight, I m gonna watch you sleeping you’ll feel protected
all of your life, all your life(day and night)
Angel’s guide, I pray to God that all the angels will be on your side

May you won’t feel any sorrow
Nor face the dark
And if you get lost tomorrow
Always come back