Sandra N – Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Written by Sandra N
Produced by Pistol Cristian (Mr. Gun), Cristian Tarcea
Video directed by Pistol Cristian, Isabela Dan
Art by Loredvn

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Behind The Story

If there is one artist who could bring the Balkans cultural heritage into present times, it’s definitely Sandra N. Crafted in the Thrace Music studios, Monte Carlo is a story about escaping and at the same time keeping contact with the present. And the best way to fuel the getaway car is with Sandra’s tender notes, sliding on on the whining sunny notes of accordions and low tempo beats.
Romania’s Sandra N is used with the international music charts. With a prodigious musical career started more than 10 years ago with Adrian Sina from Akcent, Alexandra quickly conquered her fans’ hearts with her unique pop-dance sound. She counted more than 350 million plays with her songs, entering the heavy rotation playlists from radios all around the world, from Romania, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Russia to India and Turkey. In 2019 she was signed by Thrace Music, and this collaboration brought 2 smashing hits: Bangladesh and Chameleon, followed by Caravana.


Drive me to Monte carlo, to Monte carlo baby
Drive me to Monte carlo, to Monte carlo baby

I wanna feel alive, have no other life
I wanna make it count
Every day & night feels so allright
Today’s the best day of my life

Bad days and sorrow I can make it go away
Make it go away, now I’m on my way
Forget tomorrow when I’m living it today , living it today, living my best day

You gotta trust your mind
And you will find
The power to move on
The choice is in your hand
You’ll understand
In life you’re on your own

Drive me to Monte carlo, to Monte carlo baby
Drive me to Monte carlo, to Monte carlo baby

Sandra N