One More Night

Music by Michail Papadatos
Produced by Michail Papadatos
Mixed by Michail Papadatos
Mastered by Cristian Tarcea

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Behind The Scene

With a completely experimental approach that gives way to new sounds and beats, Mike Papadatos aka Solven continually reveals a layered exploration of the depths of music in his capacity as a Music Producer from Greece. Specializing in Deep House Music, his artistry takes on new forms and aspects as he strives for authenticity and originality by keeping each song fresh and insightful. Through his craft, Solven endeavors to connect with people and share a wide spectrum of emotions melodiously. Some of Solven’s projects include Diamonds which was released by Thrace Music and Summer Wave which was released by Magic Music and featured on Pulse helped him reach 3 Million+ streams and views in total, an accomplishment he is most proud of. And as Solven further blends amazing rhythm patterns, a rich audio palette, and magnetic ambiances, his mastery of music production will ensure that you keep enjoying high-quality, groovy music.


Its just to hard to move when you standing right there
Its just to hard to walk away and leave you like that
Can we give it one more night just one more night
One more night
One more night