Once a week, we give some suggestions on fresh, new tracks we recommend for you to check out on our Instagram account.
And here are the ones best ones we pick from all of our suggestions during February. ENJOY!


Kid Travis – I Want You

Kid Travis got some serious laid back vibes going on with ‘I Want You’. This is the perfect slumber track. Fit it in Slumber Tunes.

Slumber Tunes

Pucker x Jake Neumar – Juice

Pucker and Jake Neumar are channeling some groovy prom night feels with juice! It’s one mix it up with in Slumber Tunes

Slumber Tunes

Insidia – You

Commercial mixed with traditions in a future slap house wrapping – check out ‘You’ by Insidia in Oriental Tunes.

Oriental Tunes

Naac – No More Sorry

‘No More Sorry’ by Naac is also a pulsating gem you definitely should follow Fit Tunes and No Skip Tunes to listen to as well.

NoSkip Tunes Fit Tunes

Aurae – City Lights

Energetic, dark and catchy – City Lights by Aurae is ready to be repeated and blasted both in Fit Tunes and No Skip Tunes!

NoSkip Tunes Fit Tunes