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Iarina is not in vain at the end of the year and, as she promised us at the last discussion, she returns with fresh hits and summer vibe.

The artist spoke, for the first time, on the day of the release about the song “Cry“, a song signed by Olivia Addams and Marius Dia. With a classic sound and always fresh and surprising, the songs produced by Monoir bring to light the vibe of summer evenings. Iarina‘s warm and unmistakable voice only completes the message conveyed through lyrics in the song Cry.

The song is very important to me, especially since it was released in a complicated year, it is a sensitive song and I am glad to be able to talk to you about it today” says Iarina at Viva Flash

Iarina says that the lyrics talk about how you feel when the person you love doesn’t love you or doesn’t love you with the same intensity. “It’s the first song I only intervened vocally and I liked it as soon as I heard it, I thank my friends for that.

The artist from Thrace Music says that the video was filmed taking care to observe the safety measures. “I only needed one day and I really liked filming, it was good.

As for the collaboration with Monoir, Iarina says that they fit perfectly: “the collaboration with Monoir is very strong, and the songs we make together are beautifully made and we all fit in musically. It was more complicated now that we couldn’t see each other and do the usual studio sessions, but we managed.

Although she still has many musical projects in tow, Iarina wants to enjoy the time spent with her family at home at the end of the year.